15 Hour Scented Votive Candles 20 Candles Per Box with Sculpted Style Finish Including The Booklet Called ”Candle Factoids Trivia & Safety Guidelines” (Burnt Orange/Pumpkin Delight Scent)


Price: £88.43
(as of May 14,2022 03:43:10 UTC – Details)

Each Box Contains 20 Scented Votive Candles 2 Inches Tall x 1½ Inches Wide
Each Box Has an Informative Booklet Candle Factoids Trivia & Safety Guidelines
These Votive Candles Burn About 15 Hours When Burned in a Votive Candle Holder
ALWAYS Burn in a Votive Holder to Contain a Melting Wax Pool Fueling the Flame
Lightly Scented, Clean Burning Candles, Made in the USA From Paraffin Wax

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