Camylle – Perles de Parfum Orient – A Revolutionary Concept to Diffuse Fragrances – Positiving with hot and wooded Aromas – 150g


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CAMYLLE OFFERS A REVOLUTIONARY SOLUTION FOR DIFFUSING NATURAL FRAGRANCES THAT WILL MAKE CANDLES, PERFUME BURNERS, INCENSE STICKS AND OTHER SUCH HEALTH HAZARDS, A THING OF THE PAST. Thanks to highly innovative technology, small pearls are saturated in 100% natural perfumes and essential oils, with an unprecedented concentration level. These Perfume Pearls from the range Perles de parfum then slowly and consistently release the fragrances over time
CAMYLLE ENGINEERS HAVE UPDATED BYSOO (UNTIL 20M²) AND BLOOWY (UNTIL 100M²) ALSO AVAILEBLA ON AMAZON. ECONOMICAL AND SILENT DIFFUSERS THAT ARE EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE AND EASY TO USE. Through basic ventilation, the fragrance molecules are dispersed throughout spaces such as treatment cabins, waiting rooms, reception, bedroom, living room. So Camylle Laboratories have developed a solution that is perfectly designed for diffusing fragrances
With sweet and spicy notes of wood that distinguish themselves from a gently mixture of heat and softness. They provide a breath of delicacy and virility
DRY AND HEALTHY DIFFUSION: Only molecules from natural perfumes and essential oils are diffused, without the use of chemicals, solvents, humidity or heat, therefore making it a solution free of toxic emissions
MADE IN FRANCE BY LABORATOIRES CAMYLLE. Camylle offers a range of products based on 100% pure and natural essential oils and natural plant extracts. Discover these pure, wonderful scents, dedicated to the equipment used in spas: sauna, steam bath, balneotherapy bathtub, spa, essential oil diffuser… Camylle also offers precious ranges for massage and perfume diffusion. Camylle products are used in the spas of the most prestigious luxury hotels around the world

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