Sacred Blu Essential Oil Stress Relief Room Spray 250ml


Price: £8.00
(as of Apr 30,2022 06:13:08 UTC – Details)

✅NATURAL PRODUCT: Sacred Blu Room sprays are free from chlorofluorocarbons and other harmful chemicals. A complete natural product to ease away the stress of your day while giving a luxurious scent to your Home. Air freshener sprays are very well associated with well-being of human being with a boost to a positive attitude.
✅HIGH RETENTION: Our Room Sprays are Essential Oil based and lasts for long time as have very high retention rate. Our Sprays come in small bottle and are ultra-portable. You can tuck the bottle into your purse with you while traveling, so that you can always add a burst of fragrance wherever you go.
✅ELIMINATES ODORS: Our Room Sprays helps neutralize bad odors, allowing you to freshen up the air in your home. It comes with an easy push and spray mechanism. You can use the spray in the living room, kitchen, bathroom or any other part of the house.
✅LOW MAINTENANCE: Room sprays are effortless. Even the finest candles require lighting and trimming the wick. Plus, you have to remember to blow out your candles each time you leave your home. Sprays are simple, you just squirt a wonderful fragrance into the air and forget about it.
✅MULTI USE: Our Room Sprays can also be used on linens like curtains, welcome mats, bathroom curtains & mats, Towels, bed linen, pillow case, rugs and carpets for giving an extra boost of wonderful fragrance in your room. Moreover, you can also use the spray in your car and enjoy a long fragrant drive.

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